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Smart House: From Sci-Fi to Modern Convenience

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Today the modern smartphone is less of a cool digital gadget, and more of an extension of one’s self. We use our phones for everything from hailing a ride to watching cute cat videos to reading interesting blogs about how we read interesting blogs on our smartphones.

Feels like Inception, right?

The point is smartphones and other devices are now highly integrated into the fabrics of our lives. According to, 7 of the last 8 yearly quarters have seen smartphones account for over 50% of the overall web traffic.

Need more evidence of smart devices becoming increasing integrated?

How about the fact that Juniper Research estimates there are over 3 billion virtual assistants in the world today and that by 2023 that number is expected to reach over 8 billion.

Homeowners and business owners alike, are finding more and more ways to integrate their smart devices with their homes or businesses and one of the most common areas is controlling their thermostats. Using devices to control the temperature in your home has never been easier or effective. Together, we will take a look at how controlling your home’s air conditioning and budget has evolved into the 21st century.

Complete Control From Anywhere In the World

Long gone are the days in which home’s only had one adjustment for their heating and cooling needs. With devices such as Amazon Alexa and the Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat, homeowners and business owners have the ability to not only set their home or business’s temperature but by using smart devices that integrate with your HVAC’s thermostat, homeowners and business owners can:

  • Efficiently provide up to date heating and cooling. If there is a sudden change in the weather, you can change your structure’s temperature via Wi-Fi which helps save you in energy costs. This particular feature can also help business owners and homeowners monitor and adjust their home’s needs when you aren’t currently there such as an extended business trip or vacation.
  • Completely customize their home’s heating and cooling by each room’s desired comfort level. Complete control of your home’s temperature level without even leaving the sofa.
  • Schedule heating and cooling cycles both on their thermostat interface or their device. Over time, your thermostats will be able to learn patterns and help predict their user’s heating and cooling needs to optimize convenience and ultimately help save money.

Seeing what we know, we can deduct that future uses of smart devices and thermostats will only develop further useful applications as homes and businesses continue to modernize in an increasingly technological world.

Upgrading Your Thermostat

If you are interested in modernizing your home or business’s heating and cooling system, our team at Green Homes can help. Using a combination of our expert technicians’ years of experience, our unmatched level of customer service, and the quality of Coleman Heating and Air Conditioning products, we can have your home or business’s heating and cooling system fully integrated with technology and quality you can trust.

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